Shopping + Running = Shrunning

One of my favorite workouts is to pick an errand in the city and run there. Errands include:

  • buying Broadway tickets
  • anything from Best Buy or Bed, Bath, & Beyond (furthest location possible)
  • checking out new stores – spices, natural markets, etc.
  • Union Square green market or Whole Foods

I use a great feature by Google called gmap pedometer to map my run. For example, I needed to pick up some heavy duty hiking socks. While I could have gone to the Patagonia near my apartment, I instead ran to the Eastern Mountain Sports in to ems

The distance is about 4.75 miles and with the pedestrian traffic (especially from Times Square to Penn Station) the run takes about an hour.

I burned about 450 calories, got my socks, and took the train home!

During the summer months this is a great way to check out the new neighborhoods, stores, restaurants, and get errands done in a fun way. Sometimes the errands are absolutely ridiculous, but I find it helps me to have a destination in mind.