If you have ever flown out of Newark Airport or entered NYC through the Holland or Lincoln Tunnel, you have probably thought New Jersey was gross. I used to think so too. Then, I started working with a client in western NJ and realized that first impressions can be WRONG. Using trails.com, I searched for hiking in the 10 mile radius of my client site zip code and that was the beginning of my love affair with Round Valley Park in Hunterdon County:

  • Favorite Trail: Cushetunk
  • Difficulty: Moderate, almost no flat terrain, but hills are small, well-maintained trail that allows for running
  • Views: Pretty great views of the lake but parts of the trail peak through to a road and you can hear cars
  • Other Perk: Great kayaking and a secret pond 2 miles in (access on the left hand side through small unmarked path). This would be be an incredibly romantic place to have a picnic.

From work, it takes me 5 minute to get there! 5minutes! I try to hike least 2 times a week. With such a beautiful surrounding, its hard to call what you are doing exercise. Take a look:

round valley

Every time I hike, there is something new…a smell, sound, an animal, the bugs depending on the weather…I sound like a sappy Thoreau devotee – but its true – nature is amazing.

If you have trouble getting yourself motivated to go to the gym, there is an alternative. Stay healthy by finding a variety of fun physical activities…hiking, swimming, shrunning, tennis, kayaking, walking instead of driving, etc.