I’ve been enjoying a week at a mountain house. Somehow I got lucky enough to housesit for my favorite married couple and I’ve had the luxury of no travel plus a kitchen. To say I am blissful is an understatement. Did I mention there was a pool, hot tub, 115 acres and 5 state parks within a 20 mile radius? Yep, blissful is my state.

What I’ve been eating has been simple food with good ingredients.  I hope this gives you some ideas of how simple it is to make a healthful and delicious meal rather than ordering take-out, picking up, or eating microwavable food.

Whole grain roll with roasted turkey, brie, honey mustard, and tomato

turkey and brie

Grilled Ahi Tuna (marinated with soy & lemon), mixed greens, local tomatoes and corn

tuna and salad

Omelet (local brown eggs), filled with local tomatoes, red onion, lox, and goat cheese

omelet redo

None of these meals took longer than 15 minutes to prepare. 15 minutes! We can all set aside 15 minutes to prepare something that does our body and mind good. Not to mention everything pictured above contains 5 ingredients or less. Quality ingredients.

Part of the picturesque setting I am in this week is the surrounding farms. I was able to locate a farm about 5 miles away and I went directly there to pick up farm fresh brown eggs. If you think you are in a somewhat rural area: Put in your location to Google Maps and search by “farm”, “fresh eggs”, “farm stand”. The farm I visited also makes and sells ice-cream and I sampled the peanut butter and vanilla swirl. One very creamy spoonful of goodness. Near the farm is a vegetable and fruit stand and although I am already getting nostalgic for blueberries, I consoled myself by purchasing the first of the fall apples.

In case you are wondering, I’ve Gone Country.