Hate is a strong word. But 5 products I “dislike” just makes it seem like I can’t commit to my opinion. My pet peeve is when companies with huge advertising budgets try to get their products to seem healthy. People buy these products because they are interested in being healthier. Its an injustice. Here’s my list of 5 products that I won’t put in my body, and the reasons why. Take a look at the reasons and see if you can apply the same simple logic to your purchases.

1. Dannon Light and Fit

dannon ingredients002dannon productWhy– there’s a reason its 80 calories a serving; its a freaking science formula.

  • This yogurt has been through the lab and back, why on earth does it have gelatin (animal parts like hooves), food starch, or fructose? Yogurt should have 1 ingredient: milk.
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Aspartame
  • Red 40

I think this is a dangerous product to consume daily. It contains pretty much every ingredient that may lead to cancer. I’d prefer to eat a product that has the claim “may reduce risk of cancer”, like strawberries, or “strengthens your bones”, like organic yogurt.

2. Kellogg’s Blueberry Cereal Bars

cereal barbar productWhy -If  you’ve ever heard the advice that if an ingredient label has too many unfamiliar words and a long ingredient list, you should put it back on the shelf. Look at that label! Do you know those ingredients? I could get into some of them are but I’m afraid the scientific explanation would be boring and gross. The best advice I’ve heard is: think about what it would take to make a granola bar at home, if the label is too far off from that, put it back.

3. JIF or Skippy Peanut Butter

Why-Peanut Butter should have one ingredient: organic peanuts! I think nut butters are one of the most delicious and beneficial foods. Why would you buy one that contains sugar and hydrogenated oil?

4. Smucker’s Sugar Free Preserves

Why? It contains Polydextrose, Maltodextrin, Sucralose, Calcium Chloride, Red 40. If I didn’t know better, it could be a recipe for red paint. Would you eat paint?

5. Kraft Singles American Cheese

kraft Why– It takes one ingredient to make cheese: milk. That’s not what I see on this label. I hate how this is marketed to kids and is a staple of the lunch time sandwich. Come on, America, can’t we have a better cheese define us?


I chose these 5 items because they could be things you eat everyday and I would hate to see someone slowly poisoning themselves. Do you really want to take a chance with preservatives, chemical sweeteners, and artificial flavoring? There are better choices for each so don’t let the marketing fool you.  Just take a quick look at a label, is there a long list of ingredients you are not familiar with? If so, just put it back!  If you have a minute google some of the chemicals mentioned – I don’t think you’ll be too happy with what you find.

Are there any products that you hate?