I love Top Chef and one of my favorite contestant’s of all time is Richard Blaise. I love his even-keeled temper as he’s holding a blow torch with 30 seconds left to go.  On my recent trip to Atlanta I was determined to try his new spot, Flip Burger. The concept is described as a “burger boutique…fine dining between two buns”.  And, indeed there are some really high-end ingredients such as Kobe Beef, foie gras, truffle oil, and sweetbread nuggets. At Flip Burger you can take the classic beef route, or get a unique Flip creation. On the unique side you’ve got everything from pate melt to lamb to tuna. My friend and I chose one burger from the classic side, one from unique, and one salad.

  • Farm Burger – grass fed beef, american cheese,  pickled onion, dark lettuce, marinated tomato, house-made
    pickles, ketchup, FLIP sauce ($11)
  • REVIEW – its a very reasonable portion, we split in half and each got about 3 bites. Its too rich for my taste though…bun is drenched in butter, everything is a bit oily. I could taste that the meat was good, but I didn’t have a regret that the whole burger wasn’t for me.


  • Faux-lafel – fried chick pea patty, arugula, cucumber, red onion, pickled beets red pepper & feta cheese spread ($7)
  • REVIEW – It was ok. Nothing special. I have access to really great falafel in NYC and this did not impress me. The feta cheese spread was better than the actual chick pea patty.


  • Farm Fresh Green Salad – Mixed Greens, glazed marcona almonds, heirloom tomatoes, goat cheese, pickled onions, served with lemon vinaigrette on the side  ($7)
  • Review – Highlight of the meal for me, seriously! Each of the ingredients was superb. The tomatoes fresh, the cheese soft, the almonds I could eat a handful of every day, and even the pickled onions took on a different taste.


Overall, Flip Burger is a fun place to go, I think it would be a fun date spot, or for a group of friends. There’ s a nice patio area and the prices are very reasonable. Unless someone asked me to go though, I wouldn’t try to venture back.