So the advice generally given is to enjoy the Thanksgiving meal and the next day get back to your usual eating habits and exercise routine. But what if you get sick the day after??? I’ve been sleeping away 70% of the last 2 days with exercise maxing out at walking to the kitchen or bathroom. I feel like a sloth.

Being laid up has given me some time to think  though. I’ve always been curious about how food affects our bodies, health, and weight.  And, I think its interesting how many of my friends live by certain “food rules” such as low carb and fat free. The funny thing is all of these woman are stick thin, so obviously it works for them. I’m not stick thin, its not my body type, however, I’m curious to see how a low carb and non-fat lifestyle would affect how I feel and how I look.  So I’ve decided to become a guinea pig and try both of these lifestyles for a month and see how it affects my energy levels, my work outs, and my weight.

For the first month (December), I am going to follow Weight Watchers because the program keeps fat in check due to the high points assigned to foods like peanut butter. The alternative way to adhere to a low fat diet would be to keep fat intake under a certain percentage of my total calories, but that is way too much math to compute on a daily basis.

For the second month (January), I am going to do the induction period of South Beach and then continue to follow phase 2.

During both of these trials, I’ll keep track of how I feel and my body’s reaction to limiting certain foods. I think the first program will be much easier than the first, as I love carbohydrates. I know that experimenting like this sounds hypocritical to my general approach of eating healthfully and listening to your body – but its only 2 months of my life and I think it will teach me a lot about how my body reacts to certain food groups.

Ok – happy experimenting to me (as soon as I stop being sick)!