Wednesday evening I was writing a post about how much I missed having almond butter while I did the no / low fat experiment. While writing this post I had sharp pains in my right side, which I tried to ignore. This pain didn’t subside  and between the hours of midnight and 3am I tried to convince myself to go to the Emergency Room.  I was so worried that the ER would think I was a silly girl with indigestion while there were people with serious problems. On the bright side, no one laughed at me, but on the down side I had acute appendicitis. My surgery was schedule for 1030 the following morning and everything has been a blur since then. Lots of pain killers, nausea, and pain.

Just wanted to post a quick update that I was home and recovering and that I wasn’t not posting because I quit my experiment!

Sorry for any grammatical errors – the morphine makes me loopy.