In my infinite amount of free time (Thank you Philadelphia Health Department) I’ve been able to make time for a beautiful vegetable and herb garden. I’ve tried this in years past but when you are a traveling consultant and watering your plants is known as rain…it doesn’t really work out. Since I’m no longer a consultant, I can give my plants a little attention every day, and I make it rain for them 🙂

With all this love, my basil is doing a little too well. Its growing so fast that its starting to creep into the tomatoes and cilantro area.

Basil Abundance

If you have an abundance of basil, or just love things with basil as a star ingredient, here are some of my finds:

As an immediate solution, I made a sandwich for lunch which included Basil. Whole Foods has a bread called OrganicPrairie that makes me swoon. Between the two slices of goodness I added pizza sauce, goat cheese, fresh tomatoes, and of course basil. All of that goes in the George Forman which I pretty much use as a sandwich or wrap press. Fresh and delicious.

Basil: Garden to Belly

If anyone has recipes with basil send my way.