A had a perfect Saturday. After preparing a picnic, we left the city behind and set off for Sandcastle Winery in Buck’s County. Normally, the car is not my friend. I tend to act like a bratty child and annoy all passengers with cliche statements like “I have to pee” and “Are we there yet”. This drive is different though; after 40 minutes of highway you enter River Rd. Its small towns, nature, and a large dose of yearning for the serenity of country life.  After you’ve swore up and down that you are moving to Bucks County to everyone in the car, you arrive at Sandcastle Winery. I had no expectations for Pennsylvania grown grapes, but the tasting is one of the best I’ve ever experienced (Including Napa and Mendoza)! Each wine was paired with a different spice or chocolate and we were instructed to take a taste then to chew on the food pairing, everything from rosemary twigs to white chocolate, than have another taste. The wine changed drastically with the pairings, so much so that we were shocked.

Sand Castle Winery

After the tasting, we selected a bottle of rose and enjoyed a picnic:

Spread of Goodness

DiBruno's Cheese - never disappoints

Post picnic we headed to a Pick Your Own farm to collect strawberries and passed by a Polo game. Couldn’t help but stop and watch…really this Bucks County place is another world.

A casual Polo game

The strawberries were in full bloom, about 2 weeks ahead of schedule to the unseasonable hotness, and were incredibly easy to collect. I filled a 4 quart basket in about 15 minutes with perfectly ripe strawberries. They are so fresh and make me realize that somethings are better enjoyed in season.

Strawberry Fields

All in all, a perfect day!