Daily Eats

In my infinite amount of free time (Thank you Philadelphia Health Department) I’ve been able to make time for a beautiful vegetable and herb garden. I’ve tried this in years past but when you are a traveling consultant and watering your plants is known as rain…it doesn’t really work out. Since I’m no longer a consultant, I can give my plants a little attention every day, and I make it rain for them 🙂

With all this love, my basil is doing a little too well. Its growing so fast that its starting to creep into the tomatoes and cilantro area.

Basil Abundance

If you have an abundance of basil, or just love things with basil as a star ingredient, here are some of my finds:

As an immediate solution, I made a sandwich for lunch which included Basil. Whole Foods has a bread called OrganicPrairie that makes me swoon. Between the two slices of goodness I added pizza sauce, goat cheese, fresh tomatoes, and of course basil. All of that goes in the George Forman which I pretty much use as a sandwich or wrap press. Fresh and delicious.

Basil: Garden to Belly

If anyone has recipes with basil send my way.

Its been exactly a week after my appendix surgery. For the first few days I had no hunger cues like tummy rumblings or headaches because of the medication, and this was followed by my stomach shrinking and my meals becoming smaller. However, all things level out, right? Yesterday my appetite was back in full force. In fact, I felt like getting full was an unachievable feat. Lets do a little recap:

First came breakfast:

  • 1 5.3 ounce container of Oikos Vanilla Nonfat Yogurt
  • 1/2 cup of grapes
  • 1/2 cup of Nature’s Path Flakes
  • handful of Fiber One
  • 2 crushed walnuts
  • And a sprinkle of Agave

That’s a complete breakfast in my mind! Apparently, it wasn’t in my stomach’s because about 2.5 hours later I was crazy hungry. I thought I could do the trick with a few of TJ’s everything crackers and a blob of hummus

but I was wrong. My stomach accepted that as a 30 minute peace offering before getting down to the business of lunch. My fridge has a funny assortment of remains so don’t laugh at the compilation of food…I need to go shopping pronto.

  • 1 whole wheat toast with light laughing cow – pressed in george forman grill
  • 6 pretzels
  • Blob of Guacamole
  • Blob of Hummus
  • Veggies

After eating this hodge-podge, I wanted more. I had a huge granny smith apple and made myself take a nap (watch Las Vegas) to escape the appetite.

I did finally make it to the grocery store and they were having a sale on Fage yogurt – $1 per 5.3 ounce container. Awesome, that’s like 50% off so I picked up 10!

Around 4pm, I was hungry. Again. Starting to see a pattern? I created what may be the most delicious thing ever: took half of a very ripe banana and microwaved it until it caramelized (got the idea here) and spread the banana on a whole wheat waffle and sprinkled with walnuts. YUMMY. Its the kind of snack that would be hard to make at work, but great for at home.

Later in the evening I went out to dinner with my boyfriend. Its the first time I’ve done my hair and makeup since the surgery and it was to feel attractive, and like a girl.  Our dinner was, in short, amazing, but unfortunately, my camera did not make it to dinner.  We went to a wonderful BYOB Cyprus restaurant. I enjoyed a few chunks of homemade rye bread with tahini, fried halloumi cheese with tabbouleh, and then a whole durado fish. The fish was stuffed with thyme twigs and lemon. Heavenly.  Oh, and I drank half a bottle of wine.

I guess I’ve recovered and well enough to go to work on Monday. Thank goodness I get to enjoy a weekend without being laid up in bed.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

After the appendix surgery, food was a distant concern. The pain medication keeps you from feeling pain, which includes hunger. With no headache or stomach pain to signal hunger, I went quite a while without eating. Eventually, I started feeling so nauseous that I remembered food! There’s no rules about eating solids vs. liquids, so its pretty much about listening to your cravings. Pretty nice huh?

On Saturday morning, my body said PANCAKES! My wonderful caretaker used Steph’s recipe for perfect, fluffy whole wheat pancakes. I had one plain one with nutella spread on it, and another one with blueberries added to the batter and maple syrup on top. The pancakes were indeed fluffy, and I loved them. My tummy shrank quite a bit, so I was only able to eat half of what is pictured. I enjoyed every bite.

Nutella and Maple Syrup make friends with my Pancakes

So Fluffy!

After breakfast/lunch, I did more of what I do all day. Sleep. When I am awake, my mind is pretty fuzzy, so I need to read something simple and with lots of pictures. I’m slowly going through every girly magazine that exists.

I think I am slowly getting dumber...

It snowed all day long, so in between the naps and magazine reading, I watched the first snow of the year settle in.

With the pain medication that I take every 4 hours, its important to eat something or the nausea kicks in. Animal crackers have been my go to because they’re just such a simple food. Plus, I see them as a comfort food and when you are sick that’s what you’re really after. Later in the day, I enjoyed a whole-wheat hoagie with hummus and grilled veggies.

Soft and warm - that's comfort food

Its incredibly frustrating to know that I can’t work out for weeks, and even then, I’m going to have to take it easy. Its frustrating to lay around all day and have little clarity and to constantly be falling asleep. UGH.

Any advice on staying positive?