I travel more than the average person and I know the airport is a likely place for a me to eat more than I need. I know it can’t be just me or there wouldn’t be a million temptations around – salty, sweet, cold, hot, its all there.

But, I’d rather save my splurges on a good bottle of wine and dinner with friends than on some mindless munching in the terminal. Here are some tips to avoid disaster:

  1. Come hungry BUT prepared– I know that seems counter-intuitive from what you always read. Most people say to eat a healthy meal at home in order to avoid airport food. My advice is to bring a healthy meal to the airport. Or find a place that you know has healthy stuff. Business requires me to fly out of Newark (EWR) frequently and I have a “safe” place at each terminal! Truth is, waiting for a flight leaves me idle, and idle is not something I’m good at, so I tend to grab stuff to mindlessly eat while flipping through a junky magazine. Since I know that’s going to happen, I come hungry BUT prepared that way I’m just eating a normal meal at an abnormal location. Ok, that cuts out 30 minutes of the idle time.
  2. Keep your mouth busy – If you still feel the need to mindlessly snack get some gum or suckers.
  3. An Apple a Day – It’s hard to get healthy food at the airport, but you have to admit that even an airport in the deep south will have apples. When you learn that your flight is delayed an additional hour instead of comforting yourself with ice cream you can munch on that granny smith!
  4. Avoid bags of “healthy food”– Trail Mix is nutritious right? Or that box of Wheat Thins that says “Reduced Fat”? Take a closer look at the portions size and do some math. One of those Trail Mix bags has 3.5 servings of 180 calories, that’s ~630 calories!

Hope that helps! What works for you?