I am a very lucky girl. How many people can say they have a friend who works for Godiva? Well, I can! Lets not kid ourselves, chocolate is an amazing thing and life is too short to eat cheap chocolate. Among the premium chocolates, Godiva is great, but not too easy to obtain. You can’t really grab it as your checking out at the register. Its more of a gift item. Which brings us to the special gift I received as a sneak preview. Its the:

Legacy Truffle Collection: A Chocolate Journey, Celebrating 60 Years of Truffles. There’s a beautiful story in the box that walks you through the 60 years Godiva has spent making truffles – from the first truffle in 1946 to entering the US Market in 1986 with a few special editions and innovations along the way.


box and choc

This is a great gift item and should be treated as a chocolate tasting. I tasted the chocolates in chronological order and read the descriptions as I went along. This may sound dorky, but really any chocolate lover would do the same. You would, wouldn’t you?

choc tasting

  • 1946 Dark Chocolate – extremely creamy, no bite, almost no taste of chocolate, but incredible texture
  • 1950 Belgian Premier – same amazing texture, a little more chocolate
  • 1986 Grande Truffle – sweeter, back to familiar milk chocolate flavor
  • 1988 PralineFerrero Rocher in one tiny bite, absolutely amazing, I just want a box of these
  • 2008 Creme Brulee – sting in back of throat from the super sweetness, too sweet

For how pretty the packaging is and for the experience you can have with tasting, I think $18 makes this a reasonably priced gift. The Legacy Truffle Collection will be available in stores on November 1st.

For the Chocolate Lover – did you know you could get a free chocolate every month by joining the Godiva Club?? And, they say there’s no such thing as a free lunch…