I used to have an addition. A serious addiction – I would go to herculean efforts and pay exorbitant prices to get my hands on this cookie:

big cookie

The beautiful baked good you see above is a low fat Rocky Road Cookie made by Nutritious Creations. They are hard to find in stores so ordering by mail is a necessary evil. After the shipping & handling charge it comes to about $2 per cookie. The way I went around this was to convince a Natural Food Store to order in bulk and give me a 15% discount if I agreed to buy everything they ordered. So at one point I was carrying enough inventory of these cookies to start my own store! Shortly after I came to terms with the addiction and now I just have this cookie if I happen to find it in a health food store by accident.

So what’s amazing about them? The nutritional facts. That huge cookie is 170 calories and there are no chemicals in it!!! There’s barely any fat (3g) and as if it could get better there’s 4g protein and 3g fiber. Just to put this in context, look at the Kashi cookie below that’s next to the same mug you see above:

kashi comparison

The Kashi cookie is about 1/4 (maybe 1/5 the size) of my Rocky Road cookie and has 130 calories, more fat (5g), and has less protein (2g).

What else is amazing about them? They are delicious. You feel like you are eating a decadent jumbo cookie with no guilt. I like to heat mine in the microwave for 10-15 seconds so the chocolate gets a bit gooey.

Good luck findings these – let me know if you succeed!

Do you have any recommendations for treats like these cookies…omething that just seem too good to be true?